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Seattle's Best Rock Band

Electromagnetic Spectrum In The Ultraviolet
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This is a community for fans of the Seattle band ESITU (pronounced es-see-two). Here you can discuss the band and their music, provide links to band articles, and find out the latest showtimes and album updates. Please visit the website at www.esitu.com or for more info call the ESITU line:

Evil Matt on Bass

A sonically rich band, with deep textures, rolling drums, beautiful riffs, epic and twisting singing, soothing synth, and climactic bass. Taking their primary influence from Tool they go far beyond that to expand on the forefront of spiritual journey and the wonders of science, the expanses of the universe, and the depth of human emotion. Their influences range widely, including Tea Party, The Cure and even The Misfits. This band from Seattle is made up of five truly unique individuals and is not a simple group of friends but rather a collection of random musicians with distinctly varying tastes, keeping their music fresh and free from the homogeneity of the current alt rock scene.

They debuted on June 21, 2002. Even at the first show, a nearly packed Kirkland Teen Center anticipated hearing this new band with posters everywhere and a buzz about them that spread like wildfire. The 200+ in attendance went wild during songs like "Echo" and soon-to-be fan favorite "Soul Ether," despite never hearing any of the music before. And from there, ESITU has only worked harder and more intensely. ESITU has been performing all over Seattle at clubs such as The Central, The Graceland, Studio Seven, The Redmond Firehouse, and most notably: The Showbox. The band quickly became known as a band with a draw. Not even a year after their first show, they were filling venues with fans, eager to hear what ESITU had to offer.

For constant updates, band member bios, a full band bio, street team and mailing list member sign-up, a full message board/forum, and tons of pictures of ESITU, go to their website www.esitu.com for all of these and more mild pleasures.

ESITU is (L to R):

Jeff D. Zigweid (keys) Evil Matt (bass) SWS (vocals) WillemIV (guitars) Mr. Black (drums)