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Good Morning, all.

Sorry for being so neglectful. Now that I manage the MySpace as well, it seems like I'm always just so busy. And the MySpace reaches a broader spectrum of people, due to the fact that everyone and their mother wants to jump on.

But I'll be paying more attention here from now on...I hope.

Upcoming Shows:

March 3rd - Neumo's, Seattle - 9 pm.
March 11th - Hell's Kitchen, Tacoma - 9 pm
March 18th - The Central, Seattle - 9 pm

And the big one for the spring:

April 7th - Studio Seven, Seattle, with Earshot - 7 pm

I'm sure I can count on you all to be at each one. ;)

- Evil Matt
Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club

Corroded Christmas Concert!

Hey all!

ESITU, will be playing a BADASS show for the Christmas season at Studio Seven with Point One, Endless Gray, and Trainyard!

Contact me (or any of the other ESITU members if you know them), by phone, by email, by smoke signal, it doesn't matter.

Just let us know how many tickets you'd like to buy and when we can meet you to drop them off.

Friday, December 16th
at Studio Seven
110 S. Horton Street, Seattle
All Ages, Bar w/ID
Doors open around 7
Tickets are $10 advance/$12 at the door

This is going to be one hell of an event and the bands involved are pulling out all the stops to make this a joyous holiday extravaganza!

Check for phone numbers, email addresses, more details, etc. Let's all have a wicked Christmas celebration together!

- Evil Matt
Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club


Tomorrow morning, ESITU embarks on our first out-of-state adventure!

We'll be playing LA, Phoenix, and Portland!

Cross your fingers for us and let your friends in those cities know that a kick-ass band is heading their way!

Pictures and info when we get back!

- Evil Matt
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Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club

It was the best Breast Fest EVER!

Thanks to all who came out to Breast Fest on Saturday! The show was incredible thanks to all the fans who showed support and screamed loud for us.

Image hosted by

The Wet T-Shirt contest had a plethora of beautiful "talent" including esitu's very own teeta_girl and hematomaalice! Well done, ladies. I cheered the loudest for you.

Quotes from the evening,

"I've never seen your band before tonight, but I had to tell you that your band is amazing." - Some 40 year-old dude.

"My name is Teresa and I'm ESITU's number one groupie!" - Her name is in the quote, do I really need to tell you who said it?

"Evil Matt, you're my hero, brah!" - Some dude with a red shirt and goatee.

"Best ESITU show I've ever seen!" - Darren of Endless Grey.

"BOOOOOOBIES!!" - imtheism

"When I think of heaven, I think of this night. I think of a rock show with titties half-way through. And if I get to heaven, and there's no rock show with titties, I'm the fuck outta there. Cuz I KNOW Satan is throwing a rock show with titties down in hell!" - Yours Truly

Thank you again for all the support!

- Evil Matt
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Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club

New Look

Hey All!

I updated the look of the ESITU LiveJournal Community.

I hope everyone likes it.

Also, don't just watch the community, jump on the friends list if you haven't already.


- Evil Matt
Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club


Do you love these:

Image hosted by

Do you have some of those??

If so, come out to Studio Seven this Saturday for BREAST FEST!!

All proceeds from this show go to support breast cancer awareness and research. Everybody loves boobies so show up, show your love for ESITU, and show your love for titties ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

The lineup for the evening, from open to close, goes like this:

Doors at 6
Basic Survival Mode
From the Fall

Our friends in the band REVOLVE (featuring Static-X Guitarist Koichi Fukuda) are coming all the way up from California to play with us.These guys are amazing, so check them out at

Plus other special surprises including a wet t-shirt contest (shhh! don't tell your mom...)! This show is going to be a fun filled night out! So make sure you are there, especially if you are a woman with beautiful breasts! This show directly concerns you!

Studio Seven
110 S. Horton St.
Seattle, WA 98134

Tickets are $8 from any ESITU member (coughcoughevilmattcoughcough) or $10 at the door.

This show is 18+ (due to nudity) and of course: Bar with ID.

All details can also be found at

See you there!

- Evil Matt
Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club


Listen up, ESITU fans!

Last night on Seattle's local rock station KISW, they announced that ESITU was the #2 finalist out of 10 to be voted on and selected to play KISW's Hooky Day on Friday, August 19th.

We need your support! Go to and cast your vote. It's easy! Simply check the box next to ESITU's name, then hit the "Submit My Entry" down at the bottom. It's that simple!

The top four bands will get to play Hooky Day. Show your love by voting for us!

Thanks everyone for helping us out!!

-Evil Matt
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This past weekend, ESITU embarked on our first really-out-of-town gig to...


It would have been all right if the two opening bands had actually shown up. Alas, ESITU played, followed by Rishloo, to all of six Spokanians (four of whom were related to Sean, the bassist of Rishloo) and about 20 loyal fans who followed and carpooled with us all the way from Seattle. Also, the show was opened by ExHi, the instrumental lovechild of Steve, Jon, and Yours Truly. There were no other bands to open, so we got up and did our 4 songs.

Other than that, the only eventful part of the trip was drinking so much Jagermeister that the Econolodge sign was doubled. So now, it shall be known as the "Econolodge Econolodge".


- Evil Matt
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Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club


Thanks to those who came out! The show was a smashing success. It sold out before the doors even opened.

Each of us had an awesome time playing and totally felt the energy from the crowd. We hope everyone had a fantastic time and loved the visuals.

Keep spreading the word. Maybe soon, every show will go off as well as that one did.

Thank you for all your support.


- Evil Matt
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Calvin and Hobbes Fight Club

One Left

Hey Everybody,

Tomorrow is the big day: ESITU playing live at Studio Seven. I have ONE, single, solitary, lonely little ticket left.

Please, won't you give this ticket a home?

Contact me if you want it. My information is up on the ESITU homepage.

It's only $8!

Studio Seven, 7 pm, 110 S. Horton St. Seattle. All ages, bar with ID. $10 at the door. Bring the whole family!

more details up, as always, at
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